Read First, Theft Disclaimer

In a world that has existed for over 4.5 Billion years and has only been inhabited by creatures with intelligent thought for only 2.5 Million of them, the concept of "originality" has lost its meaning from then to now.  All that is new is just a remix of something already done. A word written, an idea thought, an image captured.  What are we...the creative spirits to do when all that is worth saying or doing or thinking has already been done by someone else?  I know, I know.  I'm a real Debbie Downer here right now.  But don't worry my little Picassos and junior Chaucers, I have a secret so share with you...come a bit closer and I'll tell you...

People are horrible listeners.  And it is our job as creative individuals to reinvent and refresh these old ideas and concepts to present them to the masses in a familiar yet new manner of seeing them.  Take a pinch of Art Nouveau here, some Industrial elements here and mix it all together with a familiar medium and you have yourself a wonderful remix of old concepts and productions wrapped in a shinny new casing for the masses.  But do not attempt to do this theft out of malicious intent...NO...celebrate the theft, honor where your stole from.  Transform the  process and relish in the creation of this memorial to your creative theft, 

I strive as an artist to view the world as my looting ground.  Words, buildings, ideas...all things waiting to be amalgamated into my artistic habitat.  The world is mine for the taking and ready for my artistic heist.

Idea and image "stolen" from Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist