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Wanderings in Focus

Opening Reception: July 11th, 5pm-7pm

Jed Williams Gallery
615 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia PA 19147-2111

Jed Williams Gallery is pleased to announce the lineup for our summer show including four eclectic Philadelphia based artists Kim Wilson, Hannah Fillingim, Brad Carmichael and Michael Weaver. This grouping of emerging artists exemplifies a search for an artistic view point that mixes, transforms and subverts various important contemporary aesthetics. Stylistically and conceptually these artists are wanderers, whose wandering, however, is purposeful and focused. Work from this exhibition explores various strands of contemporary painting, mixed media and collage, intermingling pop surrealism, dada, neo-expressionism, and low brow.  These different artist styles are simultaneously subverted and honored in order to create 4 stylistically unique personal visions.  In each of the artists’ work, there is also a syncretic interplay between  the artist’s process (use of detail/markmaking/texture)   and the preoccupation with a highly unique and personal symbolism which often includes the use of writing/words.